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Wessex Historic Tractor & Implement Club


President: When a vacancy occurs, the largely honorary role is offered to a long serving member of the Club as a mark of the Club’s appreciation for their contribution to the Club.

Chairman: This is the chief executive member of the Club and is elected to this post for a two-year term.

Vice-Chairman: is elected to this post for a two-year term and is usually expected to become Chairman at the end of this time.

Other posts include: Treasurer, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, Ploughing Match Secretary, Newsletter Editor. All are elected annually at the AGM in February.

All posts are honorary.

The 2017/2018 Committee is (including contact phone numbers where authorised):

        President: Ed Whatley (07770 876237)

        Vice President: Terry Morris

        Chairman: Nick Newens

        Vice Chairman: James Knowles

        Treasurer: T.B.A.

        Club Secretary: Committee

        Membership Secretary: Phil Collins (01489 860236)

        Ploughing Match Secretary: Brian Knight

        Newsletter Editor: Charles Figgins

        Club Trips Secretary: Phil Collins

        Tracks Across the Field Secretary: Duncan Wilkins

        Committee Members: Ian Vincent, Mick Budd, Andrew Miles.


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